Sal de Riso

Panettone CremDeRì 3Kg

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Sal de Riso

Panettone CremDeRì 3Kg

net weight:
3000 gr

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Filled with hazelnut chocolate chips.

Ingredients: WHEAT flour type 0 and 00, fresh BUTTER (14.20%), fresh pasteurized EGG YOLKS (11.90%), water, Italian white cane sugar, natural yeast (GLUTEN), Italian acacia honey , sea salt, MILK powder, BARLEY malt, vanilla pods from the Bourbon Islands and Tahiti. FILLING: MILK chocolate (cocoa min. 40%) and dark chocolate (cocoa min. 53%) (34.00%) (sugar, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, emulsifier: soy lecithin, natural vanilla flavouring, HAZELNUTS, whole and skimmed MILK powder, whey powder), orange paste (orange peels, glucose syrup, water, sugar). COATING: Custard (glucose syrup, water, sugar, dextrose, skimmed MILK powder, vanilla alcoholic food flavouring, EGG YOLKS, vanilla pods from the Bourbon and Tahitian Islands, pectin), MILK chocolate, dark chocolate and chocolate Gianduja (cocoa min. 26.6%). May contain traces of PEANUTS, NUTS, LUPINS and SESAME. Contains GLUTEN, MILK, BARLEY, HAZELNUTS, SOY and EGGS. The highlighted ingredients may cause reactions in allergic or intolerant people. INSIDE THE 1000 G BOX, YOU WILL FIND A JAR OF CREMDERÌ (NET WEIGHT 100 G); READ THE INGREDIENT INFORMATION DIRECTLY ON THE JAR.
Nutritional information
413 Kcal / 1727 Kj
Saturated fatty acids
Carbohydrates sugars
for 100gr.
Artisanal naturally leavened baked product.
Soft leavened dough without raisins, citron and candied orange.

Inside the 1000 g box, you will find a jar of CremDerì (net weight 100 g); read the ingredient information directly on the jar.

Magnum 3Kg.
Panettone CremDeRì 3Kg
Panettone CremDeRì 3Kg